How to use PositionMaker


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This is a screenshot of what you see when the app is running. (maybe no vertical and horizontal lines)
Let's swipe the white area from the left end to the right. You'll see the "Management View".

Management View

Type out names, select colors, and then tap the "Add" button.
Please care to use The "Clear" button, that will erase all names you typed.

Once you add members, the right-hand gray view shows the list of members on it.
When you want to delete someone, just tap the red thing with white bar on the list.

To quit the "Management View", touch the light gray zone and swipe to the left.


Let's start recording.
You will see A round figure on the upper right.
Those figures are labeled as you type.

Drag and Drop those like this.

Then tap the "REC" button to start recording.
You'll find a number on the lower left of each figures.
Those numbers show "how many movements the figure has".
Let's drag Bob to the center, and check the number increases.

Again, drag/drop Bob and Ruke.
Finary, tap the "REC" button to stop recording and the "Play" button to see how it works.


The alignment function is helpful if you want to align those figures on a line.
Drag the slider controller to decide how many lines you want.
The upper is for vertical lines, the other is for horizontal ones.
After that, tap the "Alignment" toggle switch to activate the alignment function.

It's easy to see the difference when you move Bob.
Bob might skip to the nearest intersection.
This is what the alignment function does.

You can manage formations clearly with this function.

Selecting multiple figures

Only one figure can be dragged at once? No way.
Just tap figures one by one, then drag/drop one of those.
Selected figures are grayed.
To cancel the selection, tap the figure you want to deselect.
Note that a tap on the empty space cancel all selections.

When you start dragging from the empty space, you can select by area.
Figures inside the rectangle with dashed line are going to be selected.

Save and load

The "File" button on the upper right is to show the "File Menu View".
Names, positions and movements recorded will be saved.

To load a file, tap a file to select, then tap the "Open" button.
Use The "Delete" button to remove the file selected.

Clean up

You will see this confirmation to use the "Flush" button.
This function deletes all figures and recordings at once.
It cannot be undone, so please be sure to save those into a file before you fire it.

At the last...

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.
New ideas for improvement are welcome!
I'm developing very slowly, though...
I hope you enjoy it!